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Microsoft Takes Fight Against Rustock To Next Level, Pursues Botherders

Software giant Microsoft has decided to take its fight with the Rustock botnet to the next level by placing ads on Russian newspapers in hopes of getting tips offs on the whereabouts of the botnet’s operators.

Microsoft had come down hard on the notorious botnet, taking down the entire network in a joint operation with law enforcement agencies.

The Rustock botnet, at its peak, was responsible for infecting one million computer devices and sending thirty billion spam emails every single day.

Richard Boscovich, a senior attorney for the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit wrote in a blog post that the company has reason to believe that the botnet’s operators are hiding in Russian.

To weed them out, the company will be running ads in the Delovoy Petersburg in St. Petersburg and Moscow’s daily paper, The Moscow News for the next thirty days.

“To effectively reduce the global volume of cybercrime, we need to successfully deter the criminals who seek to profit from botnets. To prevent future botherders from hijacking computers to spread malware and come-ons for counterfeit pharmaceuticals, we need to hold today’s botherders accountable,” Boscovich said.