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Microsoft’s Bing Not A Threat To Google, comScore Statistics Reveal

New comScore statistics reveal that Microsoft’s Bing search engine might not be that big a threat to Google after all.

According to a report on Christian Post, new search engine data released by comScore informs that Google has a total US search market share of 65.4 percent while Yahoo and Microsoft Bing came a long way behind at the second and third spot with a market share of 15.9 percent and 14.1 percent respectively.

Even though Bing has a really long way to go before it catches up with Google, the search engine has gained a significant market share since its launch.

Looking at the data more closely will, however, get one thinking whether Bing is going anywhere with this. Bing had an 8 percent market share when it was first launched. After two years of its launch, the search engine increased its market share by a whooping 75 percent.

But when Bing was launched, Google held a market share of 65 percent in the US search market and after two years, it has managed to increase its share by 0.4 percent, indicating that Bing is eating away Yahoo’s market share which stood at 19.4 percent two years ago.