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No iCloud support for Windows XP users

Apple introduced its iCloud service at WWDC and is planning to embed it in its upcoming iOS 5. iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac users will be able to access the content stored in the cloud and furthermore they will also be allowed to store 5GB of multimedia content in the digital locker free of charge.

Windows users will be able to use the iCloud service provided that they run Windows Vista or Windows 7 while Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 are required to access the contacts or calendar features from iCloud, TUAW reveals.

Unfortunately, Apple will offer no iCloud support for Windows XP users. Microsoft launched XP ten years ago and 50% of all the world’s computers are still running this version. Windows XP has a more user-friendly interface than Windows 7 or Windows Vista therefore people have preferred to keep it on their PCs.

Microsoft is pushing users to switch to Windows 7 or Vista by releasing products and services that are incompatible with XP. For example, the company’s Internet Explorer 9 browser does not run on XP, nor will Internet Explorer 10.

Some Windows XP users may feel discriminated against by such measures, though they should understand that technology is evolving and they really need to update their operating system.

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