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Orange and T-Mobile open 30 more joint stores

Mobile phone network umbrella company Everything Everywhere has announced it is to open up 30 new stores, to jointly retail both Orange and T-Mobile products.

Everything Everywhere was created by the merger of Orange and T-Mobile, where they already have over 720 stores separately and are now looking to expand the retail arm with this additional venture.

These 30 new stores will be under the brand of Everything Everywhere and offer up both Orange and T-Mobile products and services, giving consumers access to more choice and a range of their own products and services.

The stores also showcase new apps, smartphones and tablets from the big names in the industry, whilst putting the focus on service instead of just sales.

This move follows a series of ongoing retail trials by the company that include joint Orange and T-Mobile stores, Orange and T-Mobile concession stores, and Everything Everywhere-branded stores.

The trials of the Everything Everywhere stores have shown that 60% of customers are more likely to recommend Orange and T-Mobile products and services, due to the focus on the service experience and the amount of time spent with the customers.

Everything Everywhere also confirmed that it will continue trialing other retail formats – including concession and 50/50 joint Orange and T-Mobile stores.

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