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RIM Delays Release Of BlackBerry Bold 9900 Until September

The launch of Research in Motion’s highly awaited BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone has been officially delayed until at least September.

As the pressure mounts on RIM to launch new smartphone and tablet to help it get back in the game, the company is hounded by delays of all sorts. RIM’s attempts to regain its lost glory in the smartphone market have been damaged by delays in the launch of new devices and the ONX operating system.

According to an article on Fudzilla (opens in new tab), the phone, which was supposed to be available this summer, has been delayed by RIM for a multitude of reasons.

One Fudzilla source claims that no particular factor can be held responsible for the delay and that the delay is due to a combination of factors like the unavailability of parts.

Another rumor doing the rounds suggests that RIM might decide to release one more non-ONX based device before launching the unified ONX platform. A delay in the launch of Bold 9900 might also affect the launch of 9930 or even Torch 2 but this piece of information has not been verified.

RIM's BlackBerry phones used to be considered the gold standard of smartphones, and are still very popular among businesspeople, but have consistently lost market share to the iPhone and Android-based phones in recent years.