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Salesforce Reportedly Buys For $1.5 Million

Cloud based enterprise communication and ERP solutions provider Salesforce has acquired the domain name for more than $1.5 million.

According to an article on Domain Name Wire, Salesforce acquired the coveted domain name from media company UBM.

Domain name auctioneer Moniker was offering the domain name between $1 and $5 million. Moniker says that Salesforce definitely has paid more than $1.5 million for acquiring the domain.

“Moniker and SnapNames, companies that are the exclusive brokers for the premium domain name, closed the sale of the domain Friday for an amount that significantly exceeds the $1.5 million reserve,” Moniker said in an announcement.

“ was slated for the DOMAINfest Europe auction in Barcelona scheduled for later this week; the name has now been removed from the auction lot,” it was revealed. When a domain name is sold during the early stages of the auction, the purchaser usually pays more than the reserve price.

Moniker general manager Craig Snyder said that the trend of acquiring premium domain names before the start of the auction was on the rise. He revealed that Moniker had started marketing the domain name a month before the start of the acquisition.