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SAP User Groups Create New Product Development Process

Enterprise software maker SAP's user groups in the UK and Ireland, along with three other global user groups, are going to be featured in the company’s renovated customer project for Continuous Improvement.

The structure of this new system appears to be more effective than the previous product development process when it comes to responding to development requests, according to Craig Dale, chief executive of SAP user group in the UK and Ireland region.

He claimed that the new leadership of the company intends to collaborate more closely with customers, as well to be more responsive to their requirements.

The chief executive also mentioned that the previous process failed in delivering results to both the company as well as its customers what they were actually looking for, and also that discussion on the launch of a new process had been going on for more than a year and a half.

"For users, development requests could disappear down a black hole, while SAP needed a better way to prioritise the allocation of its resources," said Dale, Computer Weekly (opens in new tab) reported..

"Through having more defined selection criteria, we hope to provide members with greater transparency of the process and more timely communication."