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UK Based Zavvi Taking Pre-orders For Wii U

UK based online retailer Zavvi is taking pre-orders for Nintendo’s next generation Wii U console, new reports confirmed.

With this, it has become the first online retailer in UK to start taking pre-orders for the much anticipated gaming console. The official Zavvi page for the offering has placed the price of the Wii U at almost £400.

However, it is highly likely that the price will be lowered significantly as the launch date nears. The website also listed the console as scheduled to be realising on July 20, 2012.

However, according to analysts, it could be merely a ploy by the company to grab as much pre-orders as it can for the time being. Also, the apparent absence of any reliable information coming from the maker of the console, such as price etc., may have forced the company to take shelter in place-holder data.

Nintendo recently disclosed at the E3 conference that the Wii U console will be hitting the market anytime between April and December, 2012. And regarding the price, the company CEO Satoru Iwata had hinted Nikkei, a popular Japanese magazine, that Wii successor could feature a price higher than ¥20,000.