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Vodafone UK To Release Slimline Galaxy Tab 10.1, Challenging iPad2

Vodafone UK has decided not to release Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1v and offer its thinner version dubbed Galaxy Tab 10.1 instead, UnwiredView (opens in new tab)reports.

Galaxy Tab 10.1v was officially introduced at MWC in February (at the time known as Galaxy Tab 10.1, confusingly) but Samsung made the decision to redesign the tablet following the iPad 2 launch. As a result, the company created a thinner tablet codenamed Galaxy Tab 10.1 in order to rival Apple’s slim second generation iPad. Slimness comes with a price since the 10.1 version has a lower resolution camera compared to its 10.1v predecessor.

What is a bit surprising is that Vodafone Australia and Vodafone Germany have already launched Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v in their respective countries. Prior to Galaxy Tab 10.1 Vodafone UK had signed an exclusive distribution contract with Samsung for its Galaxy Tab 10.1v, but it appears the carrier conducted a market survey and decided that the thinner Galaxy Tab model would be more profitable in the UK.

It seems Vodafone has taken this decision based on the market trends in the UK, but nobody knows yet if the company is planning to replace Galaxy Tab 10.1v in other countries or just here.

Galaxy Tab 10.1 runs Android Honeycomb but no information relating to pricing or the release date is currently available.

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