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£199.99 Yamaha YHT294 5.1 AV Receiver And Speaker System

The Yamaha YHT294 5.1 AV Receiver & Speaker System brings along with it a series of classic Yamaha components, which together, give birth to a platform capable of providing you with an amazing home cinema experience.

The product carries the mighty RXV367 AV at the very core of its system. It is well capable of offering you an enormous 600 watts of power, and not to forget about the HDMI 1.4, which makes it compatible with the new-generation 3D TVs.

Not just that, the RXV367 AV receiver covers a lot of other area too, such as the lip sync feature, which ensures that the audio and video outputs of your viewing set up do not get out of sync, and also the compressed music enhancer which analyses and improves the audio signal from highly compressed digital files.

In addition to that, the scene function also makes sure that the settings for the Digital Signal Processor adjusts itself automatically for whatever you are enjoying. Thanks to this feature, the Yamaha YHT-294 can set up its settings on its own, on the basis of acoustics of your room.

The Yamaha YHT294 can be purchased from Best Buy, UK for an £199.99 only which is £200 less than the regular price.

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