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£329.99 LG 42LK450 42-inch Full HD LCD TV

Thanks to its wonderful 42 inch, full HD widescreen, the LG 42LK450 is the perfect platform for you to indulge in high definition movie viewing, HD gaming and a whole range of other activities right from the comforts of your bedroom.

The pixel resolution provided by the product is almost twice that of any SD (standard definition) television. The 1080 pixel gives it a superior picture quality that any other standard HDTV fails to meet. The end-result of all the highly sophisticated technologies, LG incorporated in this offering, eventually provides you with a crystal-clear, theatre-like picture quality.

Its easy-to-operate features also contribute massively to the high-reputation it has earned in the market so far. Its intelligent sensor makes sure that you don’t have to sweat over adjusting the settings for the TV instead the TV takes that headache for you. It senses the light and colour conditions in the room, analyses it, and comes with an optimised picture quality - it does it all on its own.

It also features 3 HDMI ports as well as a USB port for connectivity which can be used to access and enjoy media contents directly from any USB mass storage device.

The LG 42LK450 is available at Best Buy for £329.99 only.

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