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Android Market Now Identifies App-Device Compatibility

In a bid to tackle the menace of fragmentation plaguing its platform, Google has introduced a new feature in its Android Market app store that lets users see which apps work on their phones.

Google’s Android operating system is an open platform, which means anyone can create an application for it and anyone can use the operating system to make their own version of Android. This openness along with the increasing number of devices have fragmented the platform to frustrating levels.

Google has been struggling to make some sense out of the fragmentation and as part its efforts, it has introduced a new feature on Market that allows users to see app-device compatibility.

The company has yet to announce the feature officially, but Android Central (opens in new tab) picked it up.

Before, developers had to inform users about the compatibility of their device in their app description page. Now those days are over, though users will have to sign in with their Google account.

As GigaOM (opens in new tab)notes, users won’t have to waste their time downloading applications that don’t work with their device nor they will be forced to ‘test’ the application before Market’s 15 minute return window closes, and developers won't have to add a list of compatible devices to every product description.