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Anonymous Attacks Indian Government To Protest Corruption

Hacktivist group Anonymous has attacked a website belonging to the Indian Government as a gesture of support for the on-going civil movement to eradicate corruption from the country.

The group hacked and defaced the website belonging to the National Informatics Center. The website continues to remain inaccessible but a Google cache allows one to see the threatening message posted by the group directed towards the country’s Prime Minister.

“Greetings! We exist without nationality...We exist with humanity. Get this message clear Mr Prime Minister and others. We do not like to talk much and Yes! IT is our world. Expect us,” the message read.

The group’s Indian arm has even set up a hash tag ‘#OpIndia’ on Twitter and has created an ‘Operation India’ page on Facebook, where it invites people to join the cause.

The Indian government has faced a lot of criticism from opposition parties and citizens for its brutal crack down on a large group of peaceful protesters led by popular yoga guru Baba Ramdev.

The Operation India page on Facebook warned that the government must take steps to eradicate corruption from the country and support the Lok Pal Bill, or else it will be targeted with a series of relentless attacks on its websites.