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Component shortage hits Galaxy Tab 8.9

Production of Samsung's super slim Galaxy Tab 8.9 has been hit by component shortages, according to reports.

The 8.9-inch touch-screen device, which many believe was rushed into production in order to steal some of Apple's iPad 2 thunder, is being delayed to market because of low process yields on the devices innovative screen.

According to Korean tech site ET News, The Galaxy Tab's record-breaking 8.6mm slimness is down to to a tempered glass screen produced through a process called G1F. Samsung had lined up two manufacturers to churn out the G1F panels, but higher-then-expected failures in the process have lead the company to consider using GFF (glass fibre filter) panels as a replacement.

The report suggests that using the GFF panels, which can be as much as 40 per cent thicker than the G1F version and less bright, means that the device will no longer be thinner than the iPad 2's 8.8mm, meaning the Apple device will retain its place as the world's thinnest tablet PC.

Samsung told the site that there was nothing certain about the specification of the device as yet.