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Google Spends $400 Million For Online Ad Company

Google has acquired online ad-optimisation service provider AdMeld. According to multiple sources cited by TechCrunch (opens in new tab), Google has acquired the company for somewhere around $400 million. Google has yet to officially confirm the acquisition.

AdMeld offers ad optimisation services that allow websites to decide which ads to choose from ad providers. The company allows websites to auction ad displays in real-time. Advertisers can bid for display ad space and put their advertisement in front of users instantly.

AdMeld claims that it strives to allow publishers to get the best possible price for their inventory from a number of available ad networks.

Google is most likely to include the service in its DoubleClick for Publishers platform. Similar services are offered by Google’s rivals like Yahoo. The acquisition will let the company give its advertising tools an edge over competing products.

AdMeld has received around $30 million in venture capital funding from Foundry Group, Spark Capital, Norwest Venture Partners and Time Warner Investments. Some of the publishers that use AdMeld on their websites include The New York Post, Pandora, Fox News, Reuters, The Weather Channel and AccuWeather.