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IBM Develops High-Speed Circuit From Graphene

Researchers over at International Business Machines have developed a high-speed circuit from a material known as graphene that could potentially be used for low-cost Smartphones and television displays.

The researchers, who published their report in the journal Science, said that the graphene circuit was a broadband frequency mixer that was built on a Silicon wafer. The high speed, super thin circuit could be used to revolutionise high-bandwidth communication.

IBM said that the graphene was capable of being put on a silicon wafer and the transistor is capable of connecting with components made from traditional material.

In the article on journal Science, the researchers demonstrated the breakthrough by depositing multiple layers of graphene on a silicon wafer and created circuits based on graphene transistors and several inductors. The researchers demonstrated a frequency of up to 10 Gigahertz.

However, according to a post on The Wall Street Journal, graphene won’t be able to replace silicon in digital chips.

“The fact of the matter is that silicon and graphene are in different domains. You cannot make digital devices out of graphene,” said Phaedon Avouris, an IBM research fellow.