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iOS 5 Lets Users Delete Tracks Directly From Music App

Apple has finally integrated the option to delete the tracks stored in iOS gadgets directly from the Music app. All users need to do is open the Music app, swype on a track and a delete option will immediately activate.

This feature is unavailable in previous iOS versions. Unfortunately, users can only delete single tracks because Apple has not offered a multiple track selection option, nor an option that would allows users to delete the whole music library.

The new track deletion feature is available on the iPad tablet, the iPhone as well as the iPod Touch. Users will be able to delete any song, whether they purchased it from iTunes or transferred it from their computers. The delete option can be activated even for the track that is currently playing.

The feature is very useful because it brings two main advantages to iOS users. First of all, they can delete tracks immediately and free up space in the case that they have used up all of the storage capacity on their device. Secondly, they can avoid embarrassing moments when friends are browsing through their music library and come across a "guilty pleasure" song (like Ice Ice Baby). That song will now be gone before they can see it.

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