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iPad Competitors Advised To Reduce Price Tag

The tablet market has been flooded by various manufacturers (Samsung, Motorola, HTC) that are hoping to beat Apple’s iPad. Despite the huge array on offer, they have been unable to outsell the iOS tablet. One possible explanation could lie in the non-iOS tablets price-tags, which are simply too expensive when considering what the tablets have to offer.

Therefore, iPad competitors should consider cutting down their prices, Richard Windsor of Nomura Securities suggests, MacWorld (opens in new tab) reports.

Before purchasing a tablet, users analyse various elements such as: the tablet’s capabilities, the ecosytem around it and its price. Apple also has a head start, some would say, with its established reputation and loyal consumer base.

It is clear that the iPad tablets offer better performance than Samsung’s, Motorola’s or HTC’s devices, according to the Nomura Securities analyst. What the other three companies can do to compensate for lower capabilities is cut down the price to round about $300 and they will “start seeing some meaningful [sales] volumes”, Windsor suggests.

Samsung could soon be in a better position to follow Windsor’s advice since the company plans to extend its screen production capabilities, which means screens should become cheaper and this will be reflected in the overall tablet price-tag.

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