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German movie streaming portal has gone out of service following raids on its infrastructure across Europe including Spain, France, Germany and Netherlands, PC World (opens in new tab)reports.

The bust is perhaps the biggest anti-piracy crackdown in European history. More than a dozen people were arrested by the police on suspicion of being involved with the piracy-campaign conducted by

The raided locations in the four countries included several residences as well as data centers. The crackdown may come as a surprise to many of its users as itself did not contain any illicit content, but only indexed files featured in streaming services and file-hosting platforms.

The site has been both popular and controversial, particularly in German speaking countries, since it was created years ago. had over four million visitors everyday and eventually secured a spot in the 100 most visited websites in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

But after the raids were conducted, the visitors of the site were greeted by a message on its home page that read: “The domain of the site you are trying to access was closed on suspicion of forming a criminal organization to commit professional copyright infringement.”