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LulzSec Breaches NHS Network, Does No Harm

The computer networks of National Health Services (NHS) are vulnerable to attack, warned LulzSec, a hacker group that has risen to notoriety in the last few weeks.

The revelation by the group came only days after it reportedly breached Sony Picture’s website and stole personal data of more than 1 million users.

However, this time the group did not do any damage, simply pointing out that the NHS system needs better security. This is similar to LulzSec's attack on Nintendo, when the group exposed network vulnerabilities but intentionally did no harm to the company.

In am email regarding the NHS breach, LulzSec said, “While you aren't considered an enemy – your work is of course brilliant – we did stumble upon several of your admin passwords."

The Department of Health (DoH) confirmed that the breach had not caused any problems, specifically saying that patient information was not means at risk. It did acknowledge that its network had been breached by hackers.

"This is a local issue affecting a very small number of website administrators. No patient information has been compromised. No national NHS information systems have been affected,” a DoH spokesperson stated, The Guardian (opens in new tab) reports.

"The department has issued guidance to the local NHS about how to protect and secure all their information assets."