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Matt Cutts Says Google Panda Will Be Updated Soon

Google is planning to make further changes to its search algorithm by implementing the Panda 2.2 update.

Speaking during the SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, Google’s Matt Cutts confirmed that the company has already approved the next update for Panda and plans to release the update some time in the near future, Search Engine Land reports.

The new Panda update will deal with the issue of low quality websites republishing content getting placed higher in the search ranking than the original source of the content. Cutts did not reveal precisely when the update will launch or exactly how Google plans to implement the changes.

However, he did mention how Google has been using Panda to improve search quality.

“In particular…the Panda algorithm is run against Google’s entire index of pages on an infrequent basis, in order to tag certain sites that should be dinged by it, as opposed to some of its automatic spam detection tools,” he explained.

“For example, Google’s constantly scanning for pages that might use hidden text. If it spots them, then it may assess a penalty,” Cutts added. He also emphasized that Google manually runs the algorithm to spot bad websites, it isn't meant to penalize quality websites.