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O2 mobile network goes down in London

Mobile operator O2 is reporting that it entire network has gone down in London and parts of the south east of England.

The outage, which was first reported by the cellular outfit at 10am today, is still ongoing, meaning that O2 subscribers across London and Essex in particular are unable to make calls, use the Internet or receive or send emails using their mobile gadgets.

It's the second time this week O2 has seen widespread outages in the UK and the company says it is working hard to fix the issue via Twitter.

You can check the progress using O2's Live Status Checker but if the outage is as a result of thieves trying to nick the coper cable from exchanges as has happened in the recent past, it could be some time before things are up and running.


O2 says, "We're starting to see service coming back to normal in East London. More updates coming."