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President Obama's Top Advisor Tells Opposition To Google 'Job Growth'

David Axelrod, US President Barack Obama’s main advisor, has asked Republican Tim Pawlenty to Google issues such as jobs and economic recovery before questioning the Obama administration’s competency.

In an interview with the The Huffington Post (opens in new tab), Axelrod attacked Pawlenty, the Governor of Minnesota, over his belief that the government should not get involved in services that can be found using Google.

“What he should Google is 'job growth for the last decade', What he should Google is 'what happened to income for the last decade,' when in many ways the policies that he prescribed were the governing theory,” Axelrod suggested.

“And then he should also Google 'budget deficits in the state of Minnesota.' And what he'll find is, when he left, he left a projected deficit of $6.2 billion, which doesn’t exactly qualify him as an expert on fiscal responsibility,” Axelrod continued.

As President Obama’s administration faces criticism over low job growth and a precarious economy, the president’s re-election campaign team as chosen to put the focus on the opposition by pointing out they have not done a great job either.

Pawlenty’s camp is visibly miffed by Axelrod’s remarks and has said that the president is perhaps content with ‘anemic growth’ and a trillion dollar deficit.