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US Government Issues Three More Subpoenas In WikiLeaks Case

The US government, in its bid to throttle WikiLeaks, has issued three more subpoenas in its on-going investigation into the controversial whistleblowing website.

According to an article on Salon (opens in new tab), the US government’s investigation into WikiLeaks widened with the issuing of subpoenas to three individuals connected to Bradley Manning, who was allegedly responsible for leaking diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.

The US government has sent a subpoena to David House, who is a researcher at MIT and the founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network. House has worked to publicise the harsh conditions that Manning is being subjected to.

House has already been involved in a prior legal tussle with the Federal government, who seized his laptop without a warrant, a move that has led many to charge the government with harassing potential witnesses.

Two other people that received subpoenas include Manning’s possible former boyfriend Tyler Watkins and a Princeton cryptography expert Nadia Heninger, who seems to have other connections with WikiLeaks.

Some of the people who have received subpoenas in the on-going investigation are expected to refuse to testify, even though they could face up to 18 months in prison for contempt of court.