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£54.95 D-Link DNS-323 2 Bay Network Storage Enclosure

The D-Link DNS-323 is a fully functional, feature rich network storage device that equips you with the power to store the important files in all the workstations in your office or home network centrally, in a highly secured platform, ready for access both from your local network, as well as over the internet.

It is a highly reliable platform, where upon you can keep backup copies of all your valuable digital “wealth”, at the same time allowing you to play music, movies or images with any compatible Media Player. It also allows you to stream music, videos, and photos over your entire home network.

The product can accommodate up to two 3.5’’ Serial ATA hard drives of any capacity. It also includes an FTP server which can be used for sharing files locally, or even remotely over the internet.

The DNS-323 has not emerged as a formidable competitor in the market just because of its amazing hardware configuration, but also because of the highly functional software features it brings along.

The D-Link DNS-323 Bay Network Storage Enclosure can be purchased from Kikatek for £54.95 only (with free super save delivery).