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Codemasters Under Cyber Attack, Customer Data Compromised

UK games developer Codemasters has had its servers hacked, with hackers stealing personal information on thousands of people.

According to the company, the attack which took place on June 3, targeted personal user information like names, addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth. The company has advised its customers to change passwords of accounts associated with their Codemasters account.

“If you use the same login information for other sites, you should change that information,” the company said in an email to customers.

A detailed investigation into the attack revealed that hackers had stolen names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth, passwords, IP addresses, XBox gamer tags, and biographies.

However, the company reassured that payment details related to user accounts were not compromised. Codemasters warned its users in an email to be extra careful to possible phishing scams via phone and email.

The company told BBC News that it was not aware who hacked their servers and how many customers were affected. But one thing is for sure that the number of affected customers to run into tens of thousands.

The attack on Codemasters is the latest in line of several hacker attacks on companies like Sony and Nintendo.