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Duke Nukem Finally Launched, Gaming Experience Not As Expected

After 14 years in development, the new Duke Nukem game has finally launched for multiple gaming platform but the first reviews of the games have not been great.

Duke Nukem Forever, which was launched in the UK, has, according to some early reviews, not been able to live up to the hype and is plagued by grainy graphics and confusing game play.

A review on Guardian has given the game merely 2 out of 5 stars.

“Visuals are grainy (perhaps a deliberate throwback to older Nukem titles?), aiming is clunky and there are occasional frame rate issues and buggy moments,” the Guardian review said. It also claimed that the game was riddled with lengthy load times.

Meanwhile, a review on IGN cites similar issues that were reported by the Guardian.

“It's a clumsily put together game that, even when it tries hard to deliver exciting action set pieces like fights against giant bosses, feels dull and derivative,” the IGN review read.

These are merely the early reviews and Duke won’t be bothered with them in the first place. The sales are not expected to be affected by negative reviews, analysts believe.