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Samsung Galaxy Tab “Bricked” Following Android Update, Developers Not Pleased

Developers who received the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet PC device have run into a ‘brick’ wall after installing an Android update.

According to an article on The Inquirer, Galaxy Tab devices that were encrypted by the developers have been bricked after they installed an over the air Android update.

Samsung meanwhile had posted a warning on a web page that instructed Google I/O device owners to disable any device locks before applying the update. However, this information was not available to developers before they went ahead and tried to install the update on their encrypted devices.

The company would now have to release another update that reverses the bricked devices into functionality. Developers, however, won’t be able to recover their data in its encrypted form. Developers report that the download mode of the device is still active therefore a simple firmware update might fix the issue.

The developer who first reported the problem speculates that the problem might have been caused due to the update failing to preserve the encryption seed.

Affected developers have been trying to reach Samsung for the firmware update to fix the issue, but predictably enough, the company has remained silent.