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£139.99 Asus ENGTX560 DC PCI-Express

The Asus ENGTX560 DC PCI-Express is yet another high performing graphic card from the pioneer in the chip-manufacturing market, Nvidia. The product is an excellent choice for those who desire to be equipped with the latest and most advanced platform when it comes to gaming, or other such high-graphics demanding activities like Video editing, animation etc.

The product, in spite of being so powerful and rich in features, comes at a really affordable price when compared to other rival products floating around in the market today.

The memory aspect of the ENGTX560 DC stands at an impressive 1 GB while the core clock is 810 MHz. Nvidia has always been known for its extra efforts in making sure that the cooling facility of its graphics card is highly effective, and not there just for the sake of it. The ENGTX560 DC is also no exception in that trend. It uses flattened copper heat pipes that eventually improve the cooling process with almost 20 percent more heat dissipation.

Digital outputs include DisplayPort, Digital Visual Interface (DVI) and High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI).

The Asus ENGTX560 DC PCI-Express can be purchased from Dabs for £139.99 only.