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Adobe Flash flaw forces PlayBook OS update

A cross-site scripting vulnerability flagged by Adobe last week has prompted RIM to issue an OS update for its PlayBook tablet device.

The flaw in Adobe's Flash Player media software which was announced last week affected Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris hardware and left users open to XSS attacks triggered by visits to maliciously-crafted web sites. At the time Adobe said it was working on a fix Android versions of the broken media player but made no mention of RIM's QNX-based operating system.

RIM says that, although no actual reports of the attack have been seen on the business-centric tablet as yet, all users should upgrade to the new version of the OS as soon as possible.

Version of the OS is available now as on over-the-air update using the Software Update button under the Settings menu.

All users will soon receive a software update notification on the BlackBerry status ribbon if they haven't already instigated the update manually.

Anyone who buys a PlayBook from today onwards will automatically get the latest version of the operating system as part of the initial set-up process.

RIM has made much of the fact that Flash Player is baked into its operating system and has often used the fact as a stick with which to beat tablet rival Apple's iPad, which refuses to have anything to do with Adobe's battery-eating media mangler.