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Spanish police web site downed by Anonymous

The official web site of the Spanish police was hacked by hacktivist group Anonymous after authorities arrested several of its members last week.

The website went down for at least an hour at around 9:30pm GMT on Saturday after Anonymous launched a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against it, reports Spanish newspaper El Mundo. Police said it went down on 2am on Sunday. The site is back online now.

The attack follows the arrest of three suspected members of the hacktivist by Spanish cops on Friday. Anonymous and its supporters denied that it had any kind of membership, organisation or core group.

The Spanish police refused to confirm that the web site went down because of Anonymous, simply stating that it was overloaded. While this could be genuine traffic, a DDoS attack works by sending a flood of rubbish traffic to a website, overloading the servers and forcing it to fall over.

It's likely that further attacks will be carried out after it was revealed today that 32 individuals were arrested in Turkey in connection with actions allegedly carried out by Anonymous.