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Apple Retail Worker Planning Employee Union, To Fight For Better Wages, Benefits

An Apple retail employee is behind the idea of creating a union for Apple’s 30,000 strong Apple Store staff that are responsible for selling its products.

Cory Moll, an Apple retail employee at one of its San Francisco outlets, has created the Apple Retail Workers Union in a bid to bring about a sweeping change in the condition of Apple’s sales force in the form of better wages and benefits.

Apart from running a website, the Apple employee has also set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account to spread the word about the cause and attract followers. Sadly, the Facebook page has had merely 500 likes indicating that the world was not spreading as fast as Moll would like.

However, Moll acknowledges the massive task he is faced with and remains optimistic about the entire movement.

“It's kind of a feeling of David versus Goliath. Right now what I hope to gain is to get people to start talking about it and get comfortable with it - there's a lot of hesitation to want to speak about it," Moll told Reuters.

"I don't think there's 50 per cent [support] in any one store but as people talk about it, we could get close in a couple of stores." he added.