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Duke Nukem Forever Is The Best-Selling UK Game Despite Poor Reviews

Despite poor game reviews at the time of its launch, Duke Nukem Forever has managed to acquire the top spot in the All Formats All Prices UK video game chart.

The game, which was launched by gaming studio Take Two, was finally released after a 15 year wait, caused by its original parent company going bankrupt. The long delay has caused innumerable jokes that fans must wait 'Forever' to play the new game.

During the course of 15 years, the game, which revolves revolves around the brash, alien-hating, trigger happy Duke, had achieved cult status. However, this did not stop early reviewers from blasting the new game for grainy graphics and slow load times.

According to an article on Videogamer (opens in new tab), around 56 percent of the game’s sale were on Xbox 360, 30 percent on the PlayStation 3 and 14 percent on PCs.

Other games on the top 20 chart include Take Two’s L.A Noire at the second spot, Zumba Fitness on the third spot, Infamous 2 on the fourth spot and LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean at the fifth position.

However, several industry watchers claim that the game, which despite its poor outlook managed to reach the top spot, will see its ratings drop significantly in the second week of its launch.