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Facebook Lost Six Million US Customers In May

Facebook saw its user base in the US, UK, Norway, Russia and Canada, fall in the month of May even as it nears 700 million users worldwide.

According to the data compiled using Facebook advertising tool by Inside Facebook (opens in new tab), the company’s entire user base reached 687 million users at the start of June.

However, the company’s user base in the established markets, where it first gained its popularity, continued to fall for the second month in a row.

The data revealed that by the end of May, Facebook's user base in the US had declined by 6 million users to 149.4 million while Canada saw a decline of 1.52 million users over May. In the UK, Norway and Russia, the social network’s user base declined by more than 100,000 users in May.

The social networking giant added 11.8 million new users in May, which is still less than the 13.9 million users that had joined in April. The data indicates that the platform is reaching its limits in the developed countries that it initially started in.

However, Facebook saw immense user gains in developing countries like India, Indonesia, Brazil and Mexico. Even though Facebook lost some of its base, it isn't clear who has gained, as there does not appear to be a new social networking site truly prepared to take on Facebook.