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Instant messaging comes to Nokia

Finnish phone maker Nokia has brought out IM for Nokia, which allows for instant messaging between different mobile phones and various different IM clients.

IM for Nokia offers threaded instant messaging, back and forth between friends, colleagues and family members from Nokia handsets and without breaking into the text message bundle for the phone.

Nokia’s new IM client provides a way of chatting over text to anyone that has the same client installed on their phone, or even to other mobile operating systems and even the desktop too.

The text chat software can be used to communicate with Ovi Chat accounts, in addition to Google Talk, Windows Live Message, Yahoo Messenger and even MySpace IM.

The Finnish messaging solution can transverse all these various and different ways of staying in touch, as if only one method or network was being used. It is even possible to add status updates and view other people’s statuses too, in the same way as Facebook.

Nokia's new IM doesn't have access to an SMS feature though or Facebook chat. This is a missed opportunity and one that One Mobile Ring would like to see in future editions, to make this more of a rounded application.

IM for Nokia is soon to be pre-installed on new handsets, whilst also being now available for Symbian S60 5th Edition platforms and Symbian^3, along with earlier Series 40 phones under the name of Nokia Chat.

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