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Internal Build Of iOS 5 Reveals Voice Recognition Features

A leak of the internal build of the iOS 5 platform has indicated that the iPhone might soon get voice recognition features powered by Nuance.

It was earlier rumored that the iPad maker is in active discussions for voice dictation software maker Nuance to bring voice recognition powered features to the iOS platform, ZD Net (opens in new tab) reports.

The evidence of voice recognition feature was not discovered on the iOS 5 beta build that is available to developers, but in the internal iOS 5 build that is meant for trusted Apple employees working on the OS.

According to certain leaked screen shots, iPhone users will be able to activate Nuance manually or by using keyboard shortcuts.

One screenshots allows users to activate Nuance Diction and Nuance Long Endpoint features. The other screenshots show options that allow users to activate the Nuance voice recognition by pressing the space bar or by clicking the ‘microphone’ icon right next to the space.

If the ‘microphone’ icon sounds familiar it's because a similar icon can be found on Android devices.

Apple recently unveiled the iOS 5 platform during the World Wide Developer Conference but failed to talk about the Nuance voice recognition features, indicating that the company plans to reveal the feature at the launch of the next iPhone.