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Microsoft Will Integrate Xbox Live Into Windows 8

Much to the delight of the die-hard Xbox community, Microsoft has announced that its forthcoming Windows 8 platform will feature Xbox Live.

The revelation came from Mile Delman, the marketing chief of Microsoft’s entertainment wing. Xbox Live is the online gaming and media download service by Microsoft for its Xbox user base. The company has already integrated the platform into Windows Phone 7, but only in a limited capacity.

It appears that the company is looking forward to integrating the Xbox Live platform into all versions of Windows 8.

"Live will be built into the PC. It will be the service where you get your entertainment," said Delman, Strategy Informer (opens in new tab) reports.

“It’s our job to make ‘buy a movie in one place and play it everywhere, buy a game in one place and play it everywhere.’ Making things portable will be a big focus of ours,” he added.

Delman believes that with this new offering, gamers will be able to buy content irrespective of where they are, how far the nearest Xbox store is located and other annoying logistical issues.

“People want to be able to navigate through multiple devices in a certain ecosystem very seamlessly so we’re committed to that,” the marketing chief continued.