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More than just a meeting: Communication is key

As I discussed last week, your staff are at their most productive when they feel engaged. Clear communication helps employees to also understand what is expected of them, what they need to deliver and how the company is going to support them to do this. With this information, workers improve their performance and are more efficient. Employees need company information, without it they analyse and ponder to try and work out what is going on. This is a distraction that can be avoided by communicating with employees about the issues that the organisation faces, and what the employees can do to help them to overcome the challenges.

Employees want to be challenged at work, they want to get on with their colleagues and they want to progress in their careers. Meetings are a guaranteed way to communicate about the company ethos and to share the challenges that the organisation faces, this gives employees the opportunity to take on an element of the challenge and find their own unique solutions.

Moreover, training and development sessions also give employees the additional information they need to facilitate learning and growth. At the same time, it shows a company’s commitment to individual’s career development, something which can make the difference between a satisfied and dissatisfied employee.

Virtual training tools let businesses deliver remote learning and training sessions to employees as well as offer them a wider pool of talent from which they can learn and connect with. Essentially, it enables training to take place wherever they are, in an engaging way without breaking the budget.

James Campanini
James Campanini is the VP & GM for the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region. He joined BlueJeans Network with over 22 years networking experience and is responsible for continuing the growth of BlueJeans throughout the EMEA region.