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Nintendo launches Wii Play: Motion

Nintendo has launched Wii Play: Motion, a mini game bundle which includes a Wii Remote Plus controller.

The package features 12 mini games similar to the original Wii Play released in 2006, with titles such as Wind Runner, Veggie Guardin', Spooky Search, and Teeter Targets.

Players will use their Wiimotes to guide a Mii holding an umbrella through a gust of wind, fight off pests trying to steal vegetables from a garden, track invisible spirits around the room, and flip a ball into a target, among other motion control madness.

All of the games can be played by one or two people, while four of them can be played with up to four people.

Also like the original Wii Play a Wii Remote controller will be bundled in, although this one will include MotionPlus built-in for enhanced motion control detection.

With the Wii U only a year away players might be reluctant to invest in new Wii games and accessories, but the upcoming Nintendo console successor will be backwards compatible with Wii games, so this title and the controller that comes with it should still be playable then.

The game will retail for $49.99 (around £30).