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'Restart In Safari' Mode Turns Macs Into Netbooks

The recently unveiled upgrade to Apple's OSX operating system by, dubbed Mac OS X Lion Beta, reportedly has a new feature called “Restart to Safari” mode, according to a new report.

This new update to the operating system platform has not yet been made available for end users, and is currently only available to developers. However, it has recently been revealed by the website MacRumors that this new added feature, Restart to Safari, will enable customers to use their Macs in a browser-only mode.

“Many of Mac OS X Lion's features have been known for months, but Apple has snuck in at least one interesting new feature called ‘Restart to Safari’,” the MacRumors (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab)report stated.

The feature is useful for allowing unauthorised users to simply browse the Web, without giving them access to the installed applications on the system, or for that matter, to any data on the hard-drive.

But you shouldn't imagine that this is a first step in providing a counter to Google's upcoming Chromebook, an inexpensive netbook. While Google’s new product is meant to provide users with a cheap, web-only device, Apple's newest feature is aimed at providing users with a “secure and anonymous web kiosk".