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Rovio Will Release An Angry Birds Cookbook

Rovio, the games studio behind the insanely popular game Angry Birds, is planning to launch a cookbook centered on the gaming franchise.

Speaking during the Open Mobile Summit, Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka said that the company is planning to build an entertainment franchise around the game, which includes more games, merchandise, an animated movie and books.

Rovio already offers merchandise for Angry Birds, which has had more than 200 million downloads, including stuffed toys and t-shirts. Vesterbacka said that the company has sold 3 million stuff toys and more than a million t-shirts.

Now, the company plans to release a book on Angry Birds, specifically a cookbook, which will probably contain instructions on how to make food centered around eggs and fowl. “Our first book is coming out--a cookbook,” said Vesterbacka.

The company recently acquired a Finland based animation studio Kombo and plans to launch an animated movie in the next three years.

“We're getting serious about animation. Already produced a series of animated shorts. We're going to make more of those. We're going to make longer animations. And who knows, one day we're going to make a movie," said Vesterbacka, CNET reports.

Instead of focusing on developing the next hit game, Rovio intends to capitalise on the success of Angry Birds and turn the company into an all-out entertainment franchise like Disney.