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Rumour: Unlocked iPhone Coming To US Stores This Week

Rumours are doing rounds that Apple plans to offer unlocked versions of its iPhone device from its retail store starting Wednesday.

According to an article on CNET, the rumour was started by an anonymous Twitter user named ‘chronicwire’ who set up the account merely a week ago.

The rogue Twitter user, who claims to have an uncanny insight into Apple’s plans, informed that 16 GB and 32 GB versions of iPhone in white and back have already arrived on Apple’s retail outlets.

In the US, Apple has always gone for a carrier oriented approach, initially opting for AT&T and later Verizon for its iPhone partners. However, selling unlocked iPhones from its retail outlets is not new for Apple as it already offers unlocked devices in Canada and some European cities.

If Apple decides to sell unlocked version of its iPhone device in the US, it is most likely to run on GSM networks offered by AT&T and T-Mobile, CNET speculates.

Many blogs are claiming that “chronicwire” is indeed an authentic source with the knowledge of Apple’s plans but that can be questioned after the user retracted his/her prior claims that Apple was planning to launch a MacBook Air refresh on Wednesday.