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Samsung Mocks iPad 2’s Lack Of Flash Support In Commercial

Apple’s iPad 2 is a great tablet but despite the plethora of features it offers, it is still lacking Flash support, whereas most non-iOS tablets on the market do have it. In an attempt to capitalise on this, Samsung has recently released a Galaxy Tab 10.1 commercial (opens in new tab) mocking the iPad 2’s absence of Flash.

The commercial follows the typical pattern companies use to boast about their devices’ capabilities – the video shows different people using all kinds of apps on their Galaxy Tab 10.1.

At a certain moment, a man and a woman are trying to access a flash web page during a business meeting. He uses Samsung’s tablet and is able to run the Flash file, while the commercial shows the distraught woman (who apparently owns an iPad 2) met with the message on her tablet "flash unavailable"; she then goes out and purchses a new Galaxy Tab and is happy with the world once more (probably because of the profit she made reselling her iPad 2!) .

The commercial may look good but Samsung’s mocking of the iPad 2’s lack of Flash support doesn't seem to be reflected in sales figures in the real world just yet. Galaxy Tab 10.1 needs more than Flash support to beat Apple’s iPad 2, but it sure reminds Apple of a crucial feature for the next iPad.

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