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Samsung Sends Free Galaxy S2 To Hackers For Inspiration

Samsung has decided to accept help from the hacker community in order to encourage more innovation in its Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone, the company announced.

Apparently, the move came after Samsung's management decided that unlike most of its key rivals, such as Microsoft and Apple, it should not hide the development process of its next generation devices behind closed doors.

According to the company, it has already sent a free Galaxy S2 to the CyanogenMod team as part of the plan.

"W00t! Just received the SGS2 from Samsung so we can work on CyanogenMod for it! You will not hear me bad-mouth Samsung again. :)", Cyanogen hacker AtinM tweeted, InfoSecurity Magazine (opens in new tab)reports.

It may seem odd on Samsung's part to actually send the product to someone else after spending so much time and money developing the TouchWiz 4.0 overlay and other components.

But some industry experts believe this this ploy by the Korean company is only part of the latest trend amongst big brand-names to involve the coding community in forthcoming projects. HTC, another key player in the smartphone market, had previously unlocked its bootloader for the developer community to play with.

Jailbreaking phones and other proprietary devices, which simply means enabling them to run code without the manufacturers consent, is controversial, but this decision puts Samsung firmly in the modders camp.