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Tough mobile phones

Smartphones arrive in all shapes and sizes with one aspect all in common with each other, they can do a lot more than the average handset with web browsing, emailing, listening to music, watching video and all as a near replacement to the desktop computer. Tough mobile phones follow a similar vein, where they too share one common factor – they are tougher than the average handset and are all able to handle life’s little knocks and scrapes, in a much better way than the common mobile phone and they will live to tell the tale as well.

These tougher-than-average handsets have traditionally been aimed at lifestyles and occupations where an arduous phone is a necessity, such as in construction, outdoor sporting pursuits and other walks of life where most mobiles wouldn’t survive a day – let alone the lifetime of the accompanying contract.

Companies such as Sonim are famed for their solidly build handsets, where they have even created them for the likes of JCB. Their tough devices and have raised the bar for others competing in this sector and with each phone released, as they have become more resistant to whatever is hurled at them, and literally too.

Sonim handsets have prompted this week long feature, where One Mobile Ring is now testing and writing about these mobiles, along with explaining why tough phones are getting to be common place these days and not just really for those who need them.

Mobile phone manufacturers such a Samsung and Motorola are now making devices of this nature for everyone to use, where JCB has branched out into using DataSelect to make their phones.

We could even see time where tough phones could be as common place as smartphones, where elements once found only in these resistant mobiles are now found in everyday handsets.

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