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US Is Funding Clandestine Workarounds To Bypass Foreign Censors

The US government is secretly funding underground projects to create internet and mobile networks in countries which seek to prevent their citizens by censoring or shutting down telecom systems.

The Obama administration had previously hinted that it plans to fund secretive projects in foreign countries where access to the web is censored or prohibited.

Some tyrannical foreign governments, such as Egypt under former President Mubarak, have chosen to shut down the internet in an attempt to prevent civil upheaval. Others, such as Syria, have instead used social networking to track down dissidents.

According to an article on The New York Times (opens in new tab), the US government is funding projects that allow people to run independent cell phone networks within a country.

The US state department has also granted $2 million in donations to a project called ‘Internet in a Suitcase’ which will allow people to setup a wireless internet network from within the suitcase that comes with a wide coverage range.

The projects that are being funded involve technology that has been developed both by the US government and by the underground hacker community. One such project involves the creation of a stealth wireless network that will allow activists to use mobile phones to stay connected without the government finding out.