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Xbox Live On Microsoft Windows 8, Finally?

Windows 8 might well be the best operating system to come from Microsoft especially as Mike Delman, the vice president of global marketing at Microsoft's interactive entertainment business group, hinted that the company's next operating system would come with Xbox Live.

During an edited Q&A with Brier Dudley from the Seattle Times, Delman all but confirmed that Windows 8 would come with Xbox Live; more specifically he said that Live would be "built into the PC" although he did not mention Windows 8 by name.

He also added that that Xbox Live will be the pervasive media service across devices when asked whether it will be the cloud media service that works with Windows PC, phones and Xbox gaming consoles.

Apple left Microsoft purposely out of the equation when it published a list of competitive music services online, a table that included Amazon and Google but not Microsoft's own Zune service.

Delman did acknowledge that it would be good for Microsoft and consumers to unify assets like Xbox Live, SkyDrive and possibly others like Bing, Zune and Windows Live.

Windows 8 is still at least one year away from a full blown launch, but the promise of having something equivalent to Apple's iCloud bundled as a defacto service can only be a positive sign that shows that the company is ready to embrace cloud services as soon as possible.