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ZionEyes Sunglasses Record Videos And Upload Them To Facebook

A new, ”revolutionary” pair of sunglasses has been unveiled by ZionEyes, a US based social media company, that allows users to record footage, and upload them in real time on Facebook, Daily News & Analysis (opens in new tab) reports.

The company reports that the glasses include a tiny camera, placed at the the juncture of the right arm and the main frame. Thanks to its incredibly small size, as well as the placement, it is almost impossible for even the most capable eyes to notice the camera.

It also comes with a bluetooth connection via which the recorded videos can be uploaded directly to Facebook.

The lithium battery which powers this “James Bond” style gadget, allows you to record videos for up to 3 straight hours. It also comes with a USB port and an 8 GB memory card.

“Imagine yourself recording exactly what your "Eyez" see, whether it be worldly travels or a college lecture, no memorable event will be lost,” the company reportedly bragged.

“No other product in existence can deliver you such a first person video recording experience,” it added.

The glasses, priced at almost £92 have also given rise a bit of controversy after critics pointed out the legal and ethical implications of using the glasses.