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Anonymous threatens US Federal Reserve

'Hacktivist' collective Anonymous today issued a threat against the US Federal Reserve, repeating its call for the resignation of Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke.

A video (opens in new tab) posted on YouTube, claiming to come from members of Anonymous, promised action against the US central bank today. The video, entitled 'Ctrl+Alt+Bernanke', accuses Bernanke of presiding over the betrayal of US taxpayers and colluding with "Too Big To Fail" banks. It accuses politicians of failing to prosecute "the people who caused our economic crisis".

The move comes after the group scored a number of high-profile successes against government and business websites around the world, leading to a series of arrests by police in Spain (opens in new tab) and Turkey (opens in new tab).

The video announced the commencement of 'Operation Empire State Rebellion', and called for the US public to occupy a public space in a move reminiscent of recent protests in Madrid's Puerta del Sol (opens in new tab) in the run-up to regional elections in Spain.

As yet, no action against the Federal Reserve has been reported, but observers predict the video may be a prelude to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the Fed's website.

The statement reads as follows:

"90 days ago, we requested Ben Bernanke's resignation as Federal Reserve Chairman.

Mr. Bernanke has not complied with our request.

The Federal Reserve's policies are systematically looting the country to enrich one-tenth of one percent of the population.

The Federal Reserve has deliberately driven tens of millions of people into poverty.

The Federal Reserve is responsible for crimes against humanity.

The Federal Reserve gave trillions of American taxpayer dollars, in secrecy, to the people who were most responsible for causing our economic crisis.

Our tax dollars were handed out as all-time record-breaking bonuses to top executives at the Too Big to Fail global banks.

The Federal Reserve game American taxpayer dollars to foreign banks and corporations.

The Federal Reserve directly subsidized tax evasion by funneling taxpayer dollars into the Cayman Islands.

The Federal Reserve gave American tax dollars to their primary dealer banks, so the banks could then lend that same money back to the US government at higher interest rates, leading to significant profits for the banks, at the further expense of the American public.

Through bailout programs the Federal Reserve socialized financial losses onto American taxpayers and privatized profits into the hands of global banks.

The Federal Reserve aids and abets trillions of dollars in accounting fraud.

The Federal Reserve routinely manipulates the stock market.

The Federal Reserve deliberately caused inflation in the price of food, gas and basic necessities, while devaluing the dollar.

The Federal Reserve represents the central planning force behind a global banking cartel that has deliberately impoverished people throughout the world.

US politicians have not taken action to break up the Federal Reserve and the Too Big to Fail banks.

US politicians have not taken action to prosecute the people who caused our economic crisis.

US politicians have not taken action to end the system of political bribery, the campaign finance and lobbying racket, which allows global bankers to control our political process.

Democrats have failed us. Republicans have failed us. No one is defending our interests.

We cannot remain passive while our future is going up in flames.

It is time for us to stand up for ourselves. It is time for you to stand up for yourself.

We must restore the rule of law and fight back against the organized criminal class.

We must now launch Operation Empire State Rebellion.

Operation Empire State Rebellion.

The operation will commence on June 14th. As a first step, we are calling upon you to occupy a public space until Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke steps down.

Operation Empire State Rebellion. Engaged.

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