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Apple Begins Selling Unlocked iPhone 4 In The US

Apple has finally started to offer the unlocked version of its iPhone 4 device for GSM networks in the US, PC World (opens in new tab) reports.

The unlocked version of either the white or black iPhone, in 16 GB and 32GB variants, is available for $649 and $749 respectively.

Users who decide to buy the unlocked GSM iPhone 4 will be able to use their smartphone on pre-paid plans offered by T-Mobile USA but they won’t be able to access 3G services. For 3G, users would still have to turn to AT&T, which offers exactly the same monthly charges whether the phone is unlocked or not.

That means users wanting 3G access on an unlocked GSM iPhone 4 would have to pay $450 extra for carrier independence, which some would argue is besides the point.

The unlocked iPhones will be able to operate using a GSM SIM from any mobile phone company in the world, which is great for frequent travellers who don’t want to be tied down to a particular carrier when they leave the US. They can simply insert a local SIM card and save themselves the massive roaming costs.

Apple’s move was predicted by an anonymous Twitter user, named ‘ChronicUser’ who had revealed over the weekend that the company would start selling unlocked GSM iPhone 4s starting on Wednesday.